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“Antakya 11th International Film Festival Feature Film Competition” Terms and Conditions
Application Deadline: 01 SEPTEMBER 2023

• Meeting of World Cinema in Antakya,
• To contribute to the development of cinema and the promote its works,
• To enable local people to meet with artists and their works through artistic activities,
• To contribute the production of cinema works and the meeting of the produced works with the audience through film competition.

• “Antakya 11th International Feature Film Competition” will take place between the dates 13th-19th October, 2023. Awards will be announced at our October 19, 2023 Closing Ceremony.

• Antakya 11th International Film Festival is organized by Ansam Cultural Association and Fotofilm Art Center. Antakya 11th International Film Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and local municipalities.

• Festival General Coordinator
• Assistant Coordinatorships
• Service Groups

For the films to participate in the competitions, the following condition is envisaged;

• Feature Films that have been completed after September 01, 2022 and have not applied to the Antakya Film Festival before, can participate.

• Films applying for the competition are presented to the Festival Board for a pre-evaluation.
• The films that reached the finals in the competitions are screened with or without fee in theaters in Antakya - Hatay for Grand Jury, Audience (Public) Jury and Cinema lovers to watch between the dates 13th - 19th October, 2023
• The income from the screenings belongs to the Antakya International Film Festival. Antakya International Film Festival may organize special screenings with the films participating in the competition for the promotion of the festival.

• The legal owner of the film can apply for the competition. If the film has more than one legal owner, the application document must also be signed by the both owners, or a signed letter stating the approval of the other legal owners of the film for the participation of the competition must be attached to the application document.
• The applicant must be able to certify that all the authority for the application and the necessary permissions have been obtained from all relevant institutions and organizations.


Application Deadline: 01 SEPTEMBER 2023
Last day of attendance for applying the competition is September 01, 2023. Applications made after this date will not be accepted.

• Films attended to the competition will be screened in festival programs between the dates 13th - 19th October, 2023; no further permission is requested for this application. The producer, who applies to participate in the competition, is deemed to have accepted and committed to the specified issue with this application.

• The tag of the movie
• Synopsis of the film, not exceeding 1200 characters (12 points with spaces) (Turkish and English)
• Biography and filmography of the director, not exceeding 1000 characters (12 points with spaces) (in Turkish and English)
• Director's photos (300 DPI in JPG format)
• 10 photographs from the film (300 DPI in JPG format)
• Digital poster of the movie (300 DPI in JPG format)
• If any, the list of the festivals attended and the awards won by the film (Turkish and English)
• English dialogue list with Time Code
• If a language other than Turkish is used, Turkish dialogue list with Time Code
• The soundtrack of the movie
• The Festival Organization has the right to use a maximum of 3 (three) minutes part from film for promotional purposes in case that proper promotional trailer was not sent.
• The festival catalog, subtitle translation and the above materials that required for the promotion of the film should be sent to, along with the fully filled and signed application form.
• 10 printed posters of the film (for the theaters where the film will be shown) together with the DCP should be sent to festival screening unit, until October 01, 2023.

• Antakya International Film Festival management is not obliged to investigate the accuracy of the information in the application. The legal responsibility that may arise due to this information belongs to the applicant.
• The films participating in the competition can be shown in the theaters and/or outdoor places, with or without fee Antakya/Hatay, by the management of the Antakya International Film Festival. The income from the screenings belongs to the Antakya International Film Festival management. The festival management may organize special screenings for the competition films in Antakya/Hatay for promotional purposes. No permission is taken from the producer and creator for all (except TV) screenings during the festival.
• The producers and creative team of the films competing in the festival are invited to the festival, the numbers of guests and dates determined by the festival management. In this case, the guests of the film represent their films by participating in the performances, film premieres, interviews, award ceremonies, special media interviews and press conferences which will be determined by the Festival management.
• Producers and creators of films that won awards at the festival are obliged to indicate the award with the logo of the festival that they received at the Antakya International Film Festival in their press releases, newspaper advertisements and all kinds of promotional materials.


• Pre-evaluation is carried out by the Festival Advisory Board. The Festival Advisory Board determines the 10 films to be submitted to the final evaluation of the Grand Jury at the Festival. The Board consists of Festival coordinators and advisors.
• The pre-evaluation work is completed by the latest September 20, 2023, the films that will be submitted to the final evaluation are determined.
• Films that reach final evaluation will be announced on the festival's web and social media at September 20, 2023.

Main Jury
• The Competition Films Main Jury consists of at least 5 members. The Festival Management decides on the structure of the Main Juries and the names suitable for this structure. In addition, the Festival Management determines the Chairman of the Jury. The competitors (producer, director, actor, etc.) and persons who take part in the Festival Management cannot be members of the Main Jury.
• The Main Jury determines the awards in all categories belong to the "Award Categories" of this regulation.
• In case of a tie at the end of the Main Jury's evaluation, the chairman's vote counts as 2 votes.
• The Festival Management or a representative to be appointed attends the Main Jury meetings without the right to vote in order to assist in solving the problems related to the method.
• The Main Jury complies with the film viewing schedule determined by the Festival Management. According to this planning, the day and time of the decision meeting of the Main Jury and the day and time the results will be submitted to the Festival Management are determined by the Festival Management.
• Before announcing the results, the Main Jury is responsible for submitting the reasoned decisions signed by all members to the Festival Management and keeping the results confidential until the end of the award ceremony.

• The Best Film
• The Best Director
• The Best Screenplay
• The Best Cinematography
• The Best Film Music
• The Best Actress
• The Best Actor
• The Best Editing
• The Best Art Director
• The Special Jury Award
• Yeşilçam Special Award

• All producers and creators participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted the issues in this regulation.
• Candidates cannot withdraw their films after the application is made.
• For other matters not specified in this regulation, the decision authority belongs to the Festival Management.
• All kinds of changes in this regulation belong to the Festival Management.