Push Puase

Push Puase

Push_Puase / Narrative Feature / Ryoma Kosasa / 01:26:12 / Japan

Antakya 11th International Film Festival Jury Special Award

Director - Ryoma Kosasa

Writer - Rei Tsuruga

Cinematographer - Ryuto Iwabuchi

Producer - Izuho Kasai, Kengo Watanabe, Kimiko Kobayashi, Takuma Obara

Key Cast: Hirofumi Iitomo, Tamotsu Yushima, Wang Xiaolu, Michio Sotomura, Taira Totsuka, Izumi Misono

Ryoma Kosasa

Born in 1993 in Kanagawa prefecture, he began self-studying film production at the age of 18 and started making movies. He places emphasis on scriptwriting and character design, and is skilled at blending reality and fiction with his own unique balance in expression.

Push Puase

This movie takes place in Tokyo during the Olympics amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Tired of rushing through life, young people gather at a small guesthouse in Tokyo, where they explore their own paths and grow through new relationships and experiences. The youthful ensemble drama is centered around the theme of "break" and depicts the modest growth of young people.