Murat Şeker

He was born on June 25, 1973 in Istanbul. He entered Istanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1991. After studying here for 3 years, he transferred to Mimar Sinan University, Department of Cinema and Television. He started working as a production manager in documentaries and TV series since 1992. Among the directors he has worked with are Osman Seden, Yusuf Kurçenli and Hüseyin Karakaş. After managing clubs such as Magma and Milk, he created Limonlu Bahçe and Mono in Beyoğlu.

He shot his first short film -1 in 1996. After this date, he made video clips for Turkish rock and pop music. He started to criticize electronic and alternative music in Milliyet, Radikal and Hürriyet Daily News newspapers and Max and Roll magazines.

He founded the film company SugarWorkz in 2004. In 2006, he shot his first feature film "2 Super Films One". After the films "Aşk eclipse" and "Aşk Geliyorum Demez", he directed many films such as "Çakallarla Dans", "Deliormanlı" and "Görevimiz Tatil", which turned into a series. Murat Şeker, who completed the shooting of the movie "Aşk Mevsimi", which will be released in February 2024, continues to produce films under the roof of the company he founded.

Didem Balçın - Actress

He was born on May 18, 1982 in Ankara. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Department of Theatre, Acting Department. After graduation, he came to Istanbul and took part in various TV series, movies and commercials. She first took part in the play "Where the Fire Falls" by Levent Kırca Theatre. In 2009, she founded her own theater with Nergis Öztürk. She shared the Lions Best Comedy Actress award with her partner for the comedy play "Two People Who Do This". The successful actress, who took part in many theater plays in the following years, founded Doda Sanat Education Consultancy Production Company with her older sister Özlem Kunduracı in 2011. She took part in many important productions such as Aşk in Another Language, Dances with the Jackals, Gurbet Kadını, Gurbet Yolcuları, Koşu, Oflu Hodja'nın Şifresi, Ocak Ode, Diriliş Ertuğrul.

Ceylan Özgün Özçelik

Ceylan (1980) is an Istanbul-based filmmaker who studied law at Marmara University but never practiced. She produced culture-art shows for TV and radio, and furthermore edited behind-the-scenes. She made her feature debut with INFLAME, a political thriller which made its premiere at the Berlinale’s Panorama Special and won the Gamechanger Award at SXSW. Ceylan was an artist-in-residence at Berlin-AIR in 2018 and an SFFILM grantee in 2019 with her project: WITCH TRILOGY that tells its tales in different forms by exploring violence against women. Her hybrid feature about the weirdest eco-hotel STRANGE ABANDONED DERANGED and TEN SECONDS, a single location psychological thriller are in the late post-production now.

Kida Khodr Ramadan - Actor

Kida Khodr Ramadan was born in Beirut on October 8, 1976. German actor and director. He has appeared in German film and television productions since 2003.

German-Turkish director Neco Çelik, whom he met at a youth summer camp in Berlin, opened the doors to the world of cinema. At that time, Çelik was preparing the film project "Everyday Life", which told the story of two young people who attacked a casino in Kreuzberg and whose escape failed. After his first film, he starred in other productions such as Çelik's Urban Guerillas, which was presented at the 2005 Berlinale, Kebab Connection, Detlev Buck's social drama Knallhart, an episode of the TV series Tatort, Der tote Chinese, Daryush Shokof's Hitler's Grave and the web mini-series Blutsbrüder. took. He made his theater debut in 2010 with the play "Waiting for Adam Spielman" by Hakan Savaş Mican and Michael Ronen, which was staged at Kreuzberg theater and culture center Ballhaus Naunynstraße. In 2017, she played the leading role of Toni Hamady in the TV series 4 Blok, directed by Marvin Kren and for which she received numerous awards.

His first solo directorial work, “No Orange Trees Grow in Berlin,” in which he participated as a screenwriter (with Juri Sternburg), producer and actor, was released at the Munich Film Festival pop-up in 2020. The screening could not be held in the movie theater due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Khodr Ramadan lives in Berlin.

Terry Chor

Created the International Teen Short Film Festival and served as the executive committee director and art director. He served as Executive Chairman of the Newcomer Film Festival

He has led many Chinese films to hold large-scale promotion and copyright sales activities in Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival, helped dozens of films to participate in international film festivals every year, and owned hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters in China copyright, and has rich experience in international promotion and sales of films, international copyright introduction, international film and television projects, talent cooperation and so on. In addition to organizing festivals and international exchanges, we also assist in the activities of Hainan Film Festival, Beijing Film Festival, Jackie Chan Film Week, China International Youth Film Festival and other festivals, as well as the affairs of judges and guests. With a wide range of international cooperation with important film and television institutions, the company has a large number of Hollywood A-list customers, and reached Paul Haggis、Martin Campbell、Sergei Bodrov、Kieth W. Merrill、David Marconi , three-time Oscar winner Jim Rygiel and many other famous directors and screenwriters, As well as Adrien Brody、MaggieQ、Eddie Alvarez and many other acting and sports stars to cooperate with China, and served as the director of dozens of films.

The editor's Film Making Course for Middle School Students has been officially published by China Machine Press, which will popularize millions of students in China.

Laura Lehmus

born 1972 in Riihimäki, Finland, studied Fine Arts at the F+F School in Zurich from 1993 to 1996, specializing in video clip and performance art. After her diploma, Lehmus went to the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where she studied media design until 2001. She graduated with the nine-minute short film "Not Going Down" (2001).   
In the next years she lived and worked in Berlin as an on-air producer and graphic designer for film and television 
A major success was Lehmus' short film "AlieNation" (2014), an animated film about puberty based on interviews with teenagers. It was awarded, among others, the German Short Film Award in Gold, the DEFA Promotion Award for Animation and a Youth Jury Award at the Exground Filmfest 2015.  
At the London Raindance Film Festival, Lehmus presented her feature film debut "Sweet Disaster" in November 2021, a whimsical love story starring Florian Lukas and Friederieke Kempter. Sweet Disaster won „best film“ in Antakya film festival 2022. After further international festival appearances, the film was released in German cinemas in August 2022. 

Valerie Bert / Paris

Director, Photographer

Kamran Rasoolzadeh

Tahran, İran, Fransada yaşıyor
Şair, Müzik bestecisi, Şarkıcı, Söz Yazarı ve Tiyatro film yönetmeni
Oyun senaristi ve tiyatro yönetmeni
İnteraktif sanat etkinliği tasarımcısı ve sanat yönetmeni, 3D holografik projeksiyon uzmanı
Geleneksel İran enstrümanı Setar'ı çalıyor
Projeksiyon haritalama 2D ve 3D tasarımcısı ve yönetmeni

Ali Tanrıverdi – Screenwriter and Director

Filmography He was born in Istanbul in 1988. He graduated from Kütahya Dumlupınar and Eskişehir Anadolu University, Department of Business Administration. He started his cinema career in 2009 by working as the script assistant of Murat Şeker and his movie "Aşk Geliyorum Demez".
In 2010, he worked as the Dialogue Writer for the movie "Dancing with Jackals".
In 2012, "Dancing with Jackals 2-We Are Sick, Dede",
“Dancing with Jackals 3- Zero Trouble” in 2014,
“Deliormanlı” and “Dance with the Jackals 4” in 2016,
He co-wrote the script of the movie "Our Mission is Holiday" in 2018 and "Dance with the Jackals 5" in 2018, together with Murat Şeker.
In 2018, he worked as the screenwriter of the TV series "Klavye Delikanlıları".
In 2019, he shot the movie "Group Without a Purpose", which was his first directorial experience.
In 2021, he undertook the scriptwriting of the YouTube series "N Generation".
In 2022, he wrote the screenplay for the movie "Dancing with Jackals 6".
He also wrote the screenplay for the movie "Aşk Mevsimi", the shooting of which continues in 2023.

Tim Seyfi - Actor

Tim Seyfi was born on August 10, 1971 in Turkey. Two years later, he moved to Munich, Germany, with his family (8 brothers and sisters).
He was the lead singer of a rock band for six years before studying simultaneous interpreting and translation in French and English in Munich and Marseille. During his stay in France, he attended the famous drama school "Cours Florent" in Paris. His acting career began in 1995, when he was discovered while performing on stage in Rainer W. Fassbinder's play "Katzelmacher". He was later offered the lead role in the German television movie “Welcome to Kronstadt.”
He took part in various plays and improvisational theater companies in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey and Poland. He has appeared in over 100 movies as well as more than 500 shows. These include Fatih Akın's award-winning "HEAD-ON", Hal Hartley's "FAY GRIM", Emir Kusturica's "MAGIC BUS" and the German hit comedy "GRAVE DECISIONS".
In 2001, he won the "Best Actor Award" at the International Film Festival in Badalona/Spain with the Swiss film "THE COOKIE THIEF".
Known for his diversity of characters and the roles he portrays in many languages from different nationalities, Tim Seyfi has become a sought-after actor in European cinema and television. He starred in Darko Bajic's Serbian drama "THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE", Hannu Salonen's Finnish thriller "VASHA" and Murat Şeker's "2 SUPER FILM ONE", which he also co-produced. Tim starred opposite Mads Mikkelsen in Anno Saul's "THE DOOR" and with Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz in the Austrian miniseries "TEN", Waltz's last film before his Hollywood career.
Tim Seyfi also appeared in recurring roles on the International Emmy Award-nominated French TV police drama series “SPIRAL” and the Emmy-winning “BRAQUO,” produced by Canal+ and BBC and broadcast in more than 70 countries.
He worked on the French film "GERONIMO", directed by award-winning director Tony Gatlif, which was included in the 2014 Official Selection of the International Cannes Film Festival.
In 2018, he starred in the French-German-Austrian documentary film "ATATÜRK-Father of Modern Turkey" for ARTE, ZDF and ORF.
He appeared in the Netflix original series "THE SPY" as Mohammed bin Laden, opposite Sacha Baron Cohen. He also starred in the Turkish mystery drama series "ATIYE".
Tim Seyfi speaks German, Turkish, English, French and Italian fluently and also acts in Arabic, Bosnian, Serbian, Albanian, Chechen and Spanish.

Lila Gürmen – Actress

Lilâ Gürmen was born on February 19, 1966 in Ankara. She moved from Turkey to Germany with her family in 1969. She grew up on Germany's Norderney Island. After finishing high school, she settled in Vienna. She completed her acting and theater education at the Franz Schubert Conservatory in Vienna in 1989. Later, in 1996, in Los Angeles, USA, Cheryl Franklin, M.K. She received on-camera acting training from the Lewis and Margie Harber Studio. Gürmen, who starred in the movie 'Eine Frau für Alfie' for the first time on Swiss television, later acted in many films, TV series and theater plays in Germany and Austria. Gürmen, who appeared before the audience for the first time on Turkish television with Kadir İnanır in the TV series 'İzmir Çetesi', continues his acting career.

Eldiar Madakim Director

Director, writer, editor and producer Eldiar Madakim, born Osh, Kyrgyzstan March 27 1988, began his career in film industry as a production designer. He graduated from the Academy of Art named after Turgunbai Sydykov, in which he holds a degree in Ceramic Artist. Since 2003, he has worked in film studios Oimo, Toguz - Ak, Ernest Adzhyparov's Studio and Kyrgyzfilm. In 2012, he graduated from the Kyrgyz State University of Construction and Architecture with a degree in Digital Designer.
He is an editor and color-grading specialist for more than 500 films and video productions of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Armenia etc. Most of these films have been awarded in international festivals and distributed world-wide. Multiple winner of International film festivals and Ak Ilbirs National Film Award for "Best Editing" and "Best Production Designer".
He is currently the director of the Aitysh Film Studio. Film “Salvador Dali” is his debut as a director. He is also the scriptwriter, editor and producer of this film.

Fesih Alpagu

Fesih Alpagu was born in Turkey in 1980 and graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema. He worked on international feature films, short films and documentaries for many years. He works as a film producer and director in Vienna.

Hayriye Savaşçıoğlu

He was a student of Lütfi Ömer Akad, Memduh Ün, Halit Refiğ, Metin Erksan and Feyzi Tuna at Mimar Sinan University Cinema and TV department. He started his career as a news cameraman in 1992 and continued as a producer and director. In 2019, he founded Savaşçıoğlu Production company and started producing independent documentaries. His documentaries met with the audience at many national and international festivals and received awards. He was selected for the "Japan Prize" among 300 documentaries from 57 different countries with his "Robotel Heroes" project, which he continues to shoot.

Atsuko Suetomi

Koto Artist Atsuko Suetomi was born in Japan. She studied Japanese culture and Japanese music at Musashino University and Takasaki University of Fine Arts. After learning to play Classical Koto, Sheikuta received training from Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai, who are considered masters in the modern Koto world. The artist, who gives concerts in Japan and many countries, also plays some Turkish works with Koto. The artist, who gives charity concerts for Tsunami victims, is frequently invited to festivals held in Turkey and different countries and appears on stage.

Atsuko Suetomi came to Turkey for a one-month tour in October 2005, and was impressed by the cultural and natural beauties of our country and the warmth, hospitality and kind behavior of its people, and decided to settle there. He lived in Istanbul between February 2007-2009 and in Izmir between 2010-2012; She has been living in Ankara since August 2012. He collaborates with Turkey's leading artists and orchestras, continues his duty as the President of the Japanese Music Society, carries out charity activities through concerts and contributes to strengthening the bridges between Turkey and Japan through friendship and music.

Kadir Kaymakçı

He started his journalism career at Sabah Newspaper in 1996 and worked as a reporter, editor, publication coordinator, magazine and editor-in-chief, and columnist at Star and Habertürk newspapers. He appeared on the screen as a commentator-announcer in the programs 'HT Masa' and 'Day Beginning' on Habertürk TV... He prepared and presented the 'Cinema Chats' program on Haberktürk.com and Youtube channel, together with cinema critic Mehmet Açar, and many local and foreign celebrities. Kadir Kaymakçı, who interviewed the name, currently works as a broadcast coordinator and writer at Habertürk.com.

Adzhibaev Ibadylla

Adzhibaev Ibadylla was born on February 17, 1960 in Sulukta, Koltso station, Kyrgyzstan. In 1977 he graduated from high school. 1978-80 he served in the ranks of the Soviet Army (GSVG). In 1981 he entered the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute, from which he graduated in 1987 with a degree in General Medicine. In 1987-88 he passed medical internship in Osh. In 1988-1990 he worked in the Lyailak Central District Hospital as a head of the maternity ward. In 1990-1992 Ibadylla studied in clinical residency at the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Bishkek. In 1992-2002 he worked as a doctor in the gynecology radio department of the Kyrgyz National Institute of Oncology and Radiology.
From 2015 to 2017 he studied at the studio of Temir Birnazarov of the Tazar film company. In 1995-97 he completed a full course of practical psychologist of the Kyrgyz National University.
Currently he engaged in filming documentaries. He made films such as Paramedic, Teacher, Dogdur Apa, Covid-19. Pandemic”, “Postman”.
In his films, he shows humanity, love for the Motherland and the profession of his heroes, who, despite all life's difficulties, fulfill their duty.
In addition, he starred in episodic roles in feature films such as "Zharalangan turnalar", "Kyzdardyn och aluusu", "Yaponochka", "I am a President".
He enjoys drawing, painting, writing poetry and composing music. Music was written on his poems, songs are performed by famous opera and pop singers.

Farhan Umedaly

Farhan Umedaly is an award-winning filmmaker best known for his f ilms about social causes.

Farhan has a background in neurobiology and has worked as a consultant for renewable energy developments before establishing VoVo Productions in 2009. The original focus of the company was to produce videos that enable clean-tech and renewable energy companies to realize their business objectives. Since then, VoVo Productions has diversified, having produced more than 200 promotional videos and commercials for leading companies and non profits such as the David Suzuki Foundation, to help create positive change. Farhan works alongside groups such as ISSofBC, Vancouver Foundation, and Access to Media and Education Society to provide mentorship in filmmaking to marginalized communities such as Syrian refugees and indigenous communities. He is best known for his indigenous focused documentaries - ‘A Last Stand for Lelu’, and more recently ‘HA NII TOKXW: OUR FOOD TABLE’. He recently was a Producer, Assistant Director and Director of Photography for the acclaimed Hollywood feature ‘Best F(r)iends’ which was purchased by Lionsgate Films. He is also the Producer and creator of the Netflix documentary ‘Brave Blue World’. In 2017, founded the Empowered Filmmaker Masterclass, an intensive, hands-on educational program that has trained more than 425+ indigenous participants to be self-sufficient filmmakers. He is also an instructor at Simon Fraser University within the Beedie School of Business and a guest lecturer on the topic of Human Rights - International Studies program.

The son of refugees to Canada from Uganda, Farhan is committed to building alliances with indigenous communities through providing professional training and mentorship in filmmaking; an

Mehmet Güleryüz
Mehmet Güleryüz was born in Kastamonu in 1966. He studied philosophy at Istanbul University and Information Management at Sakarya University. He was the assistant of director Yavuz Özkan between 1987-1991. He took attention with a documentary name “History of Turkish Cinema” he made with Feza Sınar. He was the president of “Young Filmmakers Platform” in 1993. He was the producer of the TRT’s TV series "Su Sinekleri" and "Mualla" in 1999 and 2000. He is one of the founders of SETEM (Association of Film Directors, Writers and Composers) which was established in 2003. SETEM is a member of CISAC and Mehmet Güleryüz is the president of SETEM since
1 June 2006. His theatrical movie "Havar" has screened at many International festivals. He is also the president of “International Silk Route Short Film Awards” festival which is organized by SETEM Academy every year.  

Burhan Gün

• He was born in 1981. He completed his primary and secondary education in Antalya.
• He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2005.
• He completed his master's degree at Marmara University GSF Cinema and TV Department in 2014.
• He is a lecturer at Marmara University, GSF, Cinema and TV Department.
• He is currently working as a freelance lawyer.
• He is the General Art Director of the Cartoon Puppet Theatre.
• He is the General Art Director of the Istanbul Bar Association Theatre.
• He is the Legal Advisor and General Secretary of the Professional Association of Television and Cinema Film Producers.
• He is the Legal Advisor and General Secretary of the Producers Association.
• He is the Legal Advisor of the Advertising Producers Association.
• He is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Cinema and Audiovisual Culture Foundation (Türsak).
• He is a Board Member of the Turkish Cinema Foundation (Türsav).
• He is a member of BSB Cinema Works Owners Professional Association.
• He has been working in theater as a writer, director, lawyer and actor for 30 years.
• He has been involved in the art of cinema for 15 years as a writer, director, actor, producer and lawyer.
• FİKRİGÜN FILM YAPIM A.Ş. He is the founder of the film company named.
• He is the founder of the writer and director talent agency Creative Auteurs Agency.
• He is the founder of the actor talent agency named Gün Talent Agency.
• He is the founder of the film company Marin Pictures Production Company Ltd, based in London, England.
• He is the founding partner of the film company Atlas Marin Pictures LLC, based in New York, USA.

Çiğdem Vitrinel

He graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Cinema and Television.

Her first feature film, "What Remains", received the "Best Director" and "Best Actress" awards at the 48th Antalya Golden Orange film festival, and the "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actress" awards at the 12th International Izmir film festival.

His second feature film, "But Müzeyyen This Deep Passion", which he directed in 2013, was awarded with the "Best Picture" award at the 51st Antalya Golden Orange film festival.

Now his third movie is "How Should I Do It?" is making preparations for.