ARIEL: Back to Buenos Aires

Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires

Ariel: Back to Buenos Aires / Narrative Feature / Alison Fairweather Murray / 01:42:00 / Argentina

Antakya 11th International Film Festival International Best Film

Director: Alison Fairweather Murray
Writer: Alison Fairweather Murray
Producer: Alison Fairweather Murray, Felicitas Raffo, Pamela Livia
Key Cast: Raphael Grosz-Harvey, Cristina Rosato, Eleonora Wexler

Alison Fairweather Murray :

Alison Murray is a writer/director based between Canada and Buenos Aires. Born in Nova Scotia, raised in England, Murray began directing music videos in the UK. Alison moved to Buenos Aires in 2005 to study tango, she met her partner Carlos, made the documentary Caprichosos de San Telmo (TIFF), had two children and became an international tango champion. Back in 2000 She made her first documentary with TRAIN ON THE BRAIN (Channel 4/TVO) in which she rode the rails across North America with a group of teenage hobos. She followed up with her first dramatic feature MOUTH TO MOUTH starring Elliot Page (Best Feature, Brooklyn International Film Festival ). The film followed disenfranchised youth searching for belonging. She made CARNY for the Sundance Channel (Hot Docs, Best Documentary, Brooklyn International Film Festival). Murray tells stories about identity, championing the disenfranchised, and love.

ARIEL: Back to Buenos Aires; A brother and sister return to Argentina, country of their birth, for the first time in their adult lives. Against the backdrop of glamorous tango clubs of Buenos Aires, they uncover dark family secrets and the reason for their parents' emigration to Canada.