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Ceyhan Kandemir

Ceyhan Kandemir is Professor at Istanbul University, Radio Television and Cinema Department. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Kandemir holds the presidency of International Media Studies Master Programme ( Partners Deutsche Welle Academy&Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg ). In 2005, he spent one semester as a visiting lecturer at Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg. Since 2005, Prof. Kandemir has carried out collaboration and Summer Academies with Germany Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg, Vienna Faculty of Communication and with the similar faculties. His academic studies fields are digital cinema, audio-visual design, aesthetics and ethics of image, international television broadcasting, digital television broadcasting, audio visual production and management and research questions of them. He had directed many music videos, commercials and documentary films. One of the documentary film of him “Minority places of worship in istanbul“ won Seal of Approval and Medall of Excellence in Austria Vienna (Erasmus Euro Media Awards 2011). He is also the director of the feature film “Karla”; this feauture film won two awards in International Antakya Film Festival ( Best Film Music Award and Special Audience Award ) ; and the film was selected in Galler, Colombia three International Film Festivals.
Prof. Dr. Kandemir can speak German and English fluently. But the most important thing is that he has a daughter.

Ayce Abana

He graduated from İzmir Karşıyaka Gazi High School. She started at Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Music Sciences. A year later, she won the Performing and Visual Arts, Theater Major-Acting Department of the same Faculty and started her acting education. While the graduate student at Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Arts, Department of Theater and Acting was entitled to qualify, academic work began for the Research Assistant by passing the exam successfully.

Dr. She assisted Özdemir Nutku's Stage and Stage Practice classes for eight years. She also taught Mimic-Improvisation and Speech Techniques, she. She went to Sweden at the invitation of the Gothenburg Opera and Theater School. She gave trainings for the education system, all acting and musical lessons, and various workshops here. She started exploring youth with Pia Muchin and Per Nordin. In the same year, she finished her master's courses and came to the thesis. Upon the invitation from the University of Hartford, USA, he attended this university in line with Contemporary Acting Techniques and worked with Malcolm Morrison. He completed his doctorate courses in one year and started to apply for the Thesis for Education with 'Contemporary Music Techniques and a Model Suggestion'. She is directing private theater plays in many institutions and she. She is engaged in acting and stage performance studies. There are printed theater plays.

She teaches contemporary Acting Techniques, Musical Acting and Speech Education she.

Assoc. Dr. Cengis Asilturk

He was born in Adana in 1968. He graduated from Barbaros Primary School, Atatürk Secondary School, Adana Anatolian Stock Exchange High School, Gazi University (Communication Faculty Cinema-TV Department).
He completed his master's degree at Gazi University Social Sciences Institute with his thesis titled Dialectical Fiction in Cinema (Fiction in Cinema).
He worked as Assistant Director (directors Cafer Özgül, Tülay Eratalay, Tomris Giritlioğlu, Ömer Kavur) and Assistant Production (producers Bünyamin Ersöz, Sinan Yaka, Mustafa Şen) at TRT Ankara Television Drama Programs Directorate (1998–2007). He directed more than thirty short films, which he directed, produced and scripted on behalf of TRT. He gave lectures on Turkish Language, Documentary, Semiotics, Fictional Film Management at Ankara University and Gazi University. While he was working as TRT1 Dramas Coordinator (2006), he resigned from the Institution due to family reasons and transferred to Beykent University as the Head of Cinema-TV Department of Fine Arts Faculty (2007). He taught Directing, Advanced Script, Short Film I-II, Semiology/Semiology at institutions such as Sadri Alışık Cultural Center and Yeni Yüzyıl University. By enabling the concept of Script Doctor to settle in the Turkish cinema and television industry; He worked as a script doctor for numerous international and national films and television series.
He is still a faculty member at the Department of Cinema-TV at Beykent University, where he served as the Head of the Cinema-TV Department for two terms and the Head of the Cinema-TV Department of the Cinema-TV Department.

Kristina Bohm

Kristina Böhm was born in Berlin. She studied theater and acting in Vienna. She acts in movies, theater and TV series she.

2020 The sadness of a young woman Role: Mother: Lisbeth, Director: Anton Styger 2018- 2019 Rehearsals / performance Theater Lysistrata, Theater Bern Role: Greisin / Seeherin, Director: Hans-Peter Incondi 2016-2017 Anton Chekhov's play "The Seagull" rehearsals and performance Role "Polina Andrejewna", Director Michael Leykov 2017-2021 Artemis Schauspielschul ( part time) 2016 short film "Paul" - role: Elfie Blum 2016 - 2017 rehearsals and theater (16 June - 17 June) the role of "Tilly Erdmann" : Tilly Erdmann "- 2015 - 2016 further education Acting at Studiobühne Bern Gaby Rabe - 2015" at stake " SAT I - Role: Mathilde Kramer - 2015: Acting Workshop - Studiobühne - 201 5: Acting workshop - ARTEMIS - Munich - 2014: Acting workshop - Bavaria Film - Munich - - 1995: Der Bergdoktor - Season 4: "The dream of a lifetime" Role: Gudrun Huber - 1987 - 1990 A home for animals - ZDF Role: Christine Dudek , - 1988: Love stories, ARD role : Alexandra - 1987: Aktenzeichen XY, ZDF - 1986: special education Studio Uhl e Vienna, 3 years of theater and acting education

Ozkan Binol

Film critic, Journalist, Producer and Advertiser
He graduated from Dokuz Eylul Fine Arts Faculty, Cinema Department (1988) as the top student in the school. He worked as an assistant director in the films of the director "Sinan Çetin" and "Basar Sabuncu".
He started his advertising career at Manajans / J. Walter Thompson. He then continued his career at McCann / Erickson and Publics-Bold advertising agencies. He continued his advertising career as a senior manager in Sabah-ATV Group for 18 years. He made commercials that made an impression in Turkey and won awards in the world. He made the Turkey launch of "The New York Times" Newspaper (2011). The video shot for this newspaper was included in the world's best productions almanac.
He started his career as a cinema critic in "Kadinca" Magazine (1991). He continued in Sabah Istanbul, Calendar, Yeni Asır and Daily Sabah. He supported independent art films in his criticisms. The criticism written by Nuri Bilge Ceylan in "Daily Sabah" for the movie "Winter Sleep" was published in the "Off Screen" Magazine in the USA. He made nearly three hundred interviews with artists such as Orhan Pamuk, Elif Şafak, Semih Kaplanoğlu, Natacha Atlas, Dhafer Youssef, İbrahim Maalouf and Atiq Rahimi. He prepared Film Music programs for Kiss FM and Turkuvaz Radio. He is still doing an art program at Radyobir.
He took his cinema career to an international platform by serving as a moderator at the "Asian Film Festival" (2017) held in Hollywood. On the opening night of the festival, he took the stage with the crew of the movie "Ayla" and gave the opening speech of the festival and directed the Q&A. He moderated 6 more films during the festival.
He continues to advertise in the agency he founded, "Milou", and continues to act as the Festival Director of the Goldenhorn International Film Festival of the Golden Horn.

Riza Kirac

He was born in 1970 in Istanbul. Dokuz Eylül University. G.S.F. He started his undergraduate education at the Department of Cinema-Television at Marmara University. G.S.F. He continued in the Cinema-Television Department and completed his master's degree at the same university.
She wrote cinema criticism and literary articles in many magazines and newspapers starting from 1997. She has published novels and story books, as well as movies and river conversation books.

İFSAK and Altınbaş Uni. G.S.F. She taught screenplay and history of cinema.
She. She. Hodja Alim (1998), Setting off with Ömer Kavur (2004) and What About London! (2008) undertook the production and direction of the documentaries she.

Rıza Kıraç founded B Film Production company in 2009. In 2010, she was the scriptwriter, director and producer of the feature film Little Sins.
He adapted the screenplay of the movie Night, directed by Erden Kıral in 2014, from Hasan Özkılıç's novel Zahit.

Mustafa Kara

Mustafa Kara was born in Trabzon and graduated from Cumhuriyet University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio-TV and Cinema.
He has worked as an assistant director in many movies such as Bloody Pınar, Villa, Return, Trap, First Eye Pain, Thirst, Other Son, Crime File, Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşamaz, Büyük Oyun and Kolpaçino A Urban Legend.
He is the director of Mahya, Hope Island, Kalandar Cold and Psychic.

Hakan Haksun

Screenwriter, film director, TV series actor. He was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Kabatas High School, Marmara University and International American University/Communication. Since 1989, he has written the scripts of many movies and TV series, directed some of them and acted as an actor in some of them.
The series, Wingless Birds and Ne Münasebet, whose script was written by the artist, who also gave lectures in workshops that train actors, began to be shown on the screens.

Matthias Luca Schatzer

Matthias Luca Schätzer, born in Germany, Theater and film actor. Born in Hamburg / Germany.
He has acted in many movies and TV series, directed some of them and acted as an actor in some of them.
The artist, who also teaches at workshops that train actors, still acts in movies and TV series.

Onur Akyol

Having graduated from IU Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio TV Cinema in 2003, Akyol worked as a cameraman and cinematographer in many projects between 2003 and 2007. He worked as a product manager at Canon Turkey Distributor Erkayalar Photography between 2007-2011, and worked as a sales manager at Canon Pro Video Authorized Business Partner Teknomaks Information Technologies between 2011-2015. Having received the title of doctor in 2012, Akyol was appointed to the Department of Radio and Television of the Faculty of Communication at IU in 2015, as an Associate Professor in 2020. Akyol is married and has two children.

Annalisa Insardà

Annalisa Insardà nasce a Polistena (RC) e si forma artisticamente presso l’Accademia d’Arte Drammatica della Calabria di Palmi e l’Accademia Nazionale di Varsavia. Le sue prime esperienze professionali sono all’estero: partecipa al Festival Internazionale del Teatro di Amsterdam e al centenario di Bertold Brecht in Germania. Successivamente si dedica in modo prevalente al teatro classico, recitando in diverse tragedie della stagione teatrale siracusana: Medea, le Eumenidi, I sette contro Tebe (vincendo nel 2005 il premio Asso-stampa come migliore attrice emergente). Torna spesso all’estero, dalla Grecia all'Austria, in spettacoli diretti dal maestro Peter Stein. Al cinema recita nei film: L’ospite segreto di Paolo Modugno, Lettere dalla Sicilia di Manuel Giliberti (film vincitore del Golden Globe 2007), È tempo di cambiare di Fernando Muraca col quale vince il Tropea Film Festival 2008 come migliore attrice, Pochi giorni per capire di Carlo Fusco, Piacere, io sono Piero e Grigioscuro di Enzo Carone, con il quale vince il premio come migliore attrice al Festival Internazionale del Corto di Mendicino 2010, Alberi al vento, L'isola che non c'è e Tienimi stretto di Luca Fortino, L'ultimo sole della notte, di Matteo Scarfò, Primula Rossa di Franco Jannuzzi. Recita ancora in fiction televisive di successo tra cui Carabinieri di Sergio Martino, Un caso di coscienza di Luigi Perelli, Questo è il mio paese di Michele Soavi, Lea di Marco Tullio Giordana, I nostri figli e "Come una madre" di Andrea Porporati, 1994 di Giuseppe Gagliardi. È attiva come doppiatrice, insegnante di recitazione e conduttrice. È stata l'inviata del programma televisivo di Rai2 Il verificatore di Roberto Giacobbo. È autrice degli spettacoli "Reality shock" e "Manipolazione indolore" di cui è anche regista e interprete.

Mehmet Ersoz

He studied at Maçka Journalism High School and Istanbul University Radio TV Cinema Department. He started directing at Kanal E television during his high school years. During this period, he directed two documentary programs called Cinevision and Window of the World. In 2007, he prepared and directed a project called Meşhurlar Perdesi, in which the screen play was modernized with animation technique and adapted to television screens. He prepared and directed many projects in KANAL 6, TRT, TV8 and ATV. He wrote for many years in his column in Milliyet Newspaper, where he talked about the developments in world television and cinema. He was the creator and director of Crazy Teyzeler, one of the most comprehensive projects of the period, broadcast on Star TV in 2015. In 2016-2017, he shot essays called "science travelers" and "Two strangers". . Again in these years, he prepared and directed a documentary-drama called “Hopeless Women Stories” for the TRT Documentary, in which femicides, one of the main problems of our country, were committed.

Meltem Kimiz Sener

Born in 1966 in Izmir, graduated from Izmir Private Turkish College. He studied Computer Programming at 9 Eylül University.
He worked voluntarily in İzmir Association for the Protection of the Blind for many years. In 1986, he organized the staging of the play "Socrates Defends", played by a group of people who have not seen it for the first time in Turkey. He played the leading role in the play "Heroin", adapted for the stage by Korhan Abay from the novel by Christian Elf.

He has been writing screenplays since 2008.

Mehmet Güleryüz

Mehmet Güleryüz was born in Kastamonu in 1966. He studied philosophy at Istanbul University and Information Management at Sakarya University. He was the assistant of director Yavuz Özkan between 1987-1991. He took attention with a documentary name “History of Turkish Cinema” he made with Feza Sınar. He was the president of “Young Filmmakers Platform” in 1993. He was the producer of the TRT’s TV series "Su Sinekleri" and "Mualla" in 1999 and 2000. He is one of the founders of SETEM (Association of Film Directors, Writers and Composers) which was established in 2003. SETEM is a member of CISAC and Mehmet Güleryüz is the president of SETEM since
1 June 2006. His theatrical movie "Havar" has screened at many International festivals. He is also the president of “International Silk Route Short Film Awards” festival which is organized by SETEM Academy every year.

Nazif Tunc
Producer - Director

1964 - Tekirdag, Malkara
He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication.
'Adaptation of the National Struggle Novel to the Cinema' is the subject of the thesis.
He worked as a movie critic in newspapers for a while.
He has been directing movies and TV series since 1991.
He gave 'Film Production-Management' courses at Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Cinema-Television Department.
He was a member of the Advisory Board and jury at the National Film Festivals.
He took part in the Cinema Support Boards of the Ministry of Culture.
He is a member of the Board of Directors and vice president of the Film Producers Professional Association (Fiyab).
He is the president of the International Cinema Association.
He founded Halk Film in 2006 with the principle of 'In the people, together with the Right'.
He continues to transfer current and historical scenarios to the cinema on subjects based on the historical development of the Turkish nation, its national culture, belief, wisdom tradition and the imagination of civilization.

Yasin Ali Turkeri
Producer & Director & Screenwriter

Born in 1976, Yasin Ali Türkeri started his photography and cinema studies during his university years. He undertook the editing of many award-winning short films and documentaries. He was among the founders of ESR Film in 2006. He took part in the organizing committee of the International 1001 Documentary Film Festival between 2008-2014. He founded Argos Film in 2020. He is the Chairman of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers and a member of the IDA (International Documentary Association). He continues to work as a director and producer in documentary films.