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Mert FIRAT (Chairman of the Jury)

Mert Fırat studied Acting at Ankara University D.T.C.F Theater Department. Fırat, who has been involved in many cinema, theater and TV projects since 2005, plays the leading roles in the films "LOVE IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE", "ATLIKARINCA" and "Once Upon a Time", he has also written his screenplays with İlksen Basarir.

Mert Fırat, one of the founders of FASHION SAGE, Bursa SANATMAHAL and DASDAS, who has been on the theater stages every year since his student years, is still in FASHION STAGE, "ALL CRAZY LOVE ME", in DASDAS "JOSEPH K." and continues to appear before the audience with the plays "WESTEND" and "DEL ELİ BAYRAMI".

Fırat, who has taken part in many successful projects to date, has also hosted and moderated many important nights such as the "Harmony of the Future" event organized by the European Union Delegation to Turkey and the premiere of Anadolu Sigorta's "One Master Thousand Masters" project.

Representing private theaters in the professional field, a social cooperative that aims to improve and professionalize all production and application processes in the theater sector, which is the first in Turkey and in the world with its original structure; He is also on the board of directors of the Theater Cooperative.

In addition, Mert Fırat works voluntarily with different associations and foundations on corporate social responsibility issues. Being one of the founders of www.i, Fırat actively contributes to the design, planning and operation of the project.

Also known for his voluntary work in the field of sustainable development, Mert Fırat became the first goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Turkey in 2017.

Defne Akman

He makes news and interviews about cinema and television in Oxygen Newspaper. He worked for many years in multinational companies in the music industry and an international NGO working in the field of nature protection. She is a graduate of Edith Cowan University, Media Studies – Film & Video. She speaks English and Greek she. She continues to host and produce a podcast called Television Kids under the umbrella of Wand Network.

Ahmet Kenan Bilgic ( Musician )

Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç is an award-winning composer, producer and music supervisor in various musical genres. He is the composer of the music for two films, "Ivy" and "Butterfly", which participated in the Sundance Film Festival and won the grand jury award. He has worked in more than twenty feature films and has eleven albums in his repertoire.

Many of the films where Bilgiç worked as a music supervisor; They have taken part in prestigious film festivals such as Tribeca, Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Palm Spring, Galway Film Fleadh, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Stockholm and Maine International Film Festival.

He has most recently completed the music of the short film Lilac, which won the Best Short Film Award at the Tribeca Film Festival (2021) and Galway Film Fleadh (2021), and which was enthusiastically received by the festival attendees. In addition, he is one of the executive producers of this short film.

Sebnem Isigüzel (Author)

Şebnem İşigüzel was born in 1973. He studied anthropology. Her first book, Hanene Ay Doğanacak, was published in 1993 and was awarded the Yunus Nadi Short Story Award. Then the following books were published: Who Will Tell My Story? (story, 1994), My Old Friend Lizard (novel, 1996), Among the Joyful Women (essay, 2000), Master of My Destiny (story, 2001), Ivy (novel, 2002), Garbage (novel, 2004), Official Pass (novel 2008) ), In the Shadow of My Eyelashes (novel, 2010), Venus (novel 2013), Mansion of Tears Island 1876 (novel 2016), Girl in the Tree (novel 2016), A Pudding Tale (children's book 2017), Kindness (novel, 2019). She gave birth to her daughter Tamar in 1998 and became a mother. In 2011, his son Ararat was born. In 2021, his last novel, Amazons from Istanbul, was published by 1809 İletişim Publishing. His novels were loved and read widely in the languages in which they were published. Şebnem İşigüzel lives in Istanbul and continues her life by writing.

Baris Sarhan

He was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University Graphic Design Department in 2005. He worked in the fields of graphic design, cinema, comics and illustration. His works received many awards and participated in exhibitions at home and abroad. He has been working as an advertising art director since 2005.

Director Filmography
Cemil Show - 2020 .... Long Fiction

Short Films Directed by
Cemil Show (The Cemil Show) - 2015 .... Fiction, 00:13:00
35th Istanbul International Film Festival, National Short Film Competition, Honorable Mention. 2016
13th Akbank Short Film Festival, National Competition, Best Short Film Award. 2017
13. Hisar Short Film Selection. 2017
66th Berlin Film Festival, Turkey Stand, Screening. 2016
23. Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Mediterranean Countries Short Films Competition, Fiction, Finalist. 2016
28th Istanbul Short Film Festival, Fiction Section, Finalist and Screening. 2016
6th Atıf Yılmaz Short Film Festival, Fiction Branch, Finalist. 2017
3. Short Film Collective Short Film Festival, Short Film Collective Films, Screening Selection. 2018
18th Paris Turkish Film Festival, Short Films Special Screening Selection. 2021
42nd IFSAK National Short Film and Documentary Competition, From Short to Long, Barış Sarhan Special Screening Selection. 2022

Eylem Kaftan

Eylem Kaftan studied philosophy at Boğaziçi University. She received her MA in Cinema and TV from Istanbul Bilgi University and York University in Canada. She made documentaries and programs for various TV channels and film organizations (TeleQuebec, VisionTV, National Film Board of Canada) in Canada. Vendetta Song returned with important awards from many Canadian festivals and Hot Docs, one of the most important festivals in the world, in 2005. His movie about Algerian refugees, Bledi, This is Our Home, was screened on TeleQuebec. He made a program series called Dreamcatchers for the Al Jazeera Documentary channel. Among the films he made for Al Jazeera Turkish Channel, Seeing isn't Everything, which seeks the soul of Turkish football, tells the Love and Punishment Field, a Serbian general's love for Sarajevo, Sarajevo My Love, and the world of four visually impaired people living in Istanbul, was screened on Al Jazeera English and World channels. . Since 2006, he has prepared documentaries and programs for TRT and Al Jazeera Network in Turkey as a writer, director and producer as foreign and domestic productions. Kaftan also gave lectures on cinema and project development at the graduate departments of Istanbul Bilgi University and Kadir Has Universities. She was the script editor for various TV series. She worked as a director and presenter in the 13-part program series Biçiftlik on urban farmers on TRT Documentary channel. Biçiftlik still continues to be broadcast as one of the popular programs of TRT Documentary. Massacre in Rabia, prepared for Al Jazeera World, tells about the bloodiest massacre in Egyptian history that took place in Rabia hospital during the Rabia events in Egypt. In addition to documentaries, there are Mustafa Koç sports awards promotional film and The Life Co advertisement and promotional films in the areas of commercials and promotional films. TRT and T.C. He completed his first feature-length fictional film, Kovan, supported by the Ministry of Culture, in 2019. In addition to Meryem Üzerli, Kovan, in which many award-winning actors played, became one of the world-renowned films of 2020 and returned with important awards from many international festivals, including Best Director. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kovan was shown as the best Turkish movie of 2020 and was nominated for a Golden Globe. Hive/Keeping the Bees is available on Netflix in 200 countries. Kaftan's last film, One Day, 365 Hours, received two awards in the "Work in progress" section of the Golden Orange Antalya film festival, and was a finalist at the Trieste film festival WEMW, one of the most important festivals in Italy.

Burak Goral

A graduate of Marmara University, Bural Göral has made a career as a film critic, journalist, writer and screenwriter. Göral, who regularly writes film criticism and cinema articles in publications such as Cinema Magazine, Milliyet, Esquire magazine, and Yeni Yüzyıl, also worked as an assistant director in Yavuz Özkan's film "Bir Erkeğin Anatomisi". While Göral was the content editor of the short film and video clip website, he also continued to write films for various publications. He took part in the script group of the TV show "Pilli Bebek", which was broadcast on ATV, and wrote a family drama called "Under the Same Roof", which lasted for three years and was broadcast live on TRT radio in the same year... Burak Göral, from 2004 to 2008 In addition to working regularly as a film critic in Posta newspaper and various magazines and publications until 2007, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Turkey's only DVD magazine "DVD+" and editor of "Home&Technology" magazine in 2007. Göral has 3 published cinema books, 3 movies ("Night 11:45", "Don't Forget Me", "There Is A Loneliness In This") scenarios.

Cansel Elcin

Cansel Elçin, born on September 20, 1973 in the Tire district of Izmir, completed her education in France, where she went when she was a child. Cansel Elçin, who lives in Paris, completed her primary and secondary education at Lycée Racine in Paris, and then enrolled in Ecole Florent, one of the leading theater schools in France. She studied in the same class with Audrey Tautou at Ecole Florent, where names such as Gérard Depardieu, Sophie Marceau, and Isabelle Adjani taught. With the offer of director Tomris Giritlioğlu, the actress came to Turkey for the TV series Kırık Kanatlar, and thus began to pursue her artistic life in Turkey. He also stepped into Turkish cinema.
The actor, who appeared as "Süleyman Lieutenant" in the movie 120 directed by Özhan Eren; In addition to producing, directing and scripting, the feature film, in which he appeared in a few surprise roles, was released in October 2009.
Gönülçelen, Love Loves Coincidences, Liar Spring, Bad Way are other works in which he took roles. In 2015, he successfully portrayed the role of "Dr. Victor Frankenstein" in the play Frankenstein, which was staged for the first time in Turkey at the Sadri Alışık Theater.

Serdar Kokceoglu

Graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Cinema-TV. For many years, he took various roles in publications and platforms related to cinema, and worked as a film writer and festival consultant as a member of SİYAD. He lectured at universities on sound and music design in cinema. After the short documentary "Listening Through Istanbul" dated 2015, he shot his first feature film "Mimaroğlu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island". The documentary, which won many awards, was screened at festivals in Europe and America. He is dealing with the preparations of the "Mimaroğlu Video Remix Project", the next step of the documentary. He continues his research on music and at the beginning of 2022, he prepared a special interview film for the 100th anniversary of contemporary composer İlhan Usmanbaş. She continues to work on new research and film projects, especially the documentary "Difficult", which will consist of two parts, based on the personal climbing archive of professional mountaineer Esin Handal, who has the title of "Snow Leopard".

Gülçin Santırcıoğlu / Actress

He was born in 1977 in Izmir. He studied at Dokuz Eylul University Conservatory Performing Arts Opera Singing Department. Along with her acting career, she worked as a soloist in various groups and as a voice teacher at the Ruhi Su Culture and Art Foundation. Deriv, his first feature film, won the best film award at the 2005 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. She was awarded the "Promising Actress" award at the 13th ÇASOD Awards for her role as Süreyya in this movie. She took part in films that attracted attention in national and international festivals such as Egg and İki cartoon. She continues her active career with serials and movies.

Hakan Dundar

He graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Stage Design in 1989. He started to work as a "stage designer" at the State Theaters in 1991. He worked as an art director in movies (Son Osman Yandım Ali) and many TV shows; prepared the puppet and set designs. He took part in many international projects. He has professionally designed decor-costume-mask and puppetry for more than 250 plays. Between 2000-2008, he gave design lessons at Bilkent University Theater Director Department. In 2005, he became the only Turkish designer invited to participate with two designs in the gallery section of WSD's (World Stage Design) exhibition in Toronto, Canada. In March 2006, he became the first and only Turkish designer to be invited as the guest of honor to open an exhibition, as well as presenting a paper on his own design work at the conference organized by USITT (United States Institute for Theater Technology) in the USA. In March 2011, she was invited by USITT to give a workshop on Karagöz making techniques and to present a paper on the interaction of Ottoman Costumes with the West and today. The Turkish exhibition Orient Express, which he curated at the 2011 Prague Quadrienal, won a special award with the votes of the visitors.
Turkey was selected as the curator of the 2019 and 2023 Prague Quadrienals.
Hakan Dündar, who still continues his works as a designer at the State Theaters, continued his administrative duties as a member of the DT "Art Board of Directors" and Art Technical Manager for 13 seasons, starting from 2007. He has received many awards for his designs.
He realized the stage designs of the interesting plays of the last period, AMADEUS and IZMIRIN KIZLARI. He still continues his duty as the Chief Decorator of the General Directorate of State Theatres.

International Feature

Bugra Mert Alkayalar

He was born on June 5, 1998. She completed her undergraduate education at Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Cinema and Television. She continues her film work. She also works on voice-over, story and screenwriting she. She is doing her master's degree in Cinema and Television at Anadolu University. At the same time T.C. She works as a research assistant at the Department of Radio, Cinema and Television at Istanbul Kultur University.

Session/2018, Split/2018, Thaw/2018, Visitors at Our Doors/2018, Like Radishes/2019
Why Not?/2019, Fairy/2019, Touch Your Life/2019, At Home/2020, Watch What You Say/2020, I Was Your Friend/2020, Individual Reality/2020, From Korea With Love/2021, Pixel Tour/2021, What About Tomorrow/2021

Eda Arisoy

Ankara Bilim University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Film Design and Management, Lecturer, Director

Nicolas Jakbulak Yönetmen

International Shortfilm

Cagatay Akarca

Cinephile, Film Subtitle and Translator

İrem Siyahgöz

He was born in Ankara. He completed his undergraduate education at Ankara University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, and his graduate education at Marmara University. It provides engineering and consultancy services, and provides training in private and public institutions in the professional field.
His relationship with photography, painting and cinema has been going on for more than 10 years. From various educational institutions - such as Istanbul Film Academy, Umag, Erimtan Archeology and Art Museum Culture Initiative, Afsad, Ka Atölye, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Anadolu University - especially painting reading, modernism to postmodernism, film reading, film criticism, film making, screenplay. , fiction, history of cinema, genres of cinema, contemporary art, contemporary cinema etc. He received training on many subjects.
He took part in many exhibitions, art shows, galleries, associations and universities in photography/contemporary art exhibitions with his photographs at home and abroad. Şinasi was a finalist in the Barutçu Cup and won the second prize at the Artlimited (France) Photography Awards 2021. Member of the jury in the photography contest organized by the TFSF-approved Amasya Municipality and Prof. from the Short Film Festival organized by IFSAK. Under the coordination of M. Emin Önder, he chaired the second part of the "Migration: People Disappearing by Dividing" panel called "If I Forget, I Will Exist". In this part of the panel, the movie "Hopeless" was watched. Speakers Assoc. Dr Zehra Yigit and Prof. Dr. Tamer Aker.
He is the student of Aytekin Çakmakçı, who said, "Let the cinema be your future", and this sentence became the breaking point in his life. He is a member of the Short Film Directors Association.

Savaş Hamarat

Cinema Instructor, Screenwriter, Director

International Documentary
Burak Türten
Academician, Documentary Director

He completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara, his undergraduate education in Erciyes University, Faculty of Communication, Radio, Cinema and Television Department, and his master's degree in Public Relations and Publicity Department. After working as a newscaster on university television, he worked as a newscaster and news editor in a national television channel. The documentary films he directed received awards from countries such as France and Iran. His films were screened in different countries of the world such as Turkey, China and Portugal. After giving lectures at Erciyes University, Faculty of Communication, he started to work as a lecturer at Gümüşhane University in 2014. As the Founding Coordinator of Gümüşhane University - Gümüşhane Film Workshop (GÜFA), Türten's film projects were deemed worthy of more than 50 national and international awards. In 2018, he received the title of Doctor of Science with his doctoral thesis on Documentary Cinema at Atatürk University. Türten, who has works in the fields of documentary films, fictional films and promotional films, also carries out projects with various public institutions-organizations and TRT. Türten, who worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema of the Communication Faculty of Gümüşhane University, started to work at Karabük University Türker İnanoğlu Faculty of Communication in 2020. He continues his studies as a visiting professor at Northern Arizona University.

Murat Aytaş

He was born in 1981 in Istanbul. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in the same city, he graduated from Selcuk University, Faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema Department in 2005, where he started his undergraduate education in 2000. In 2006, he started his graduate education in the Social Sciences Institute of the same university, Radio-Television Department, and graduated with his master's thesis named "End of Space and Object Transformation on Communication Technologies". He graduated with his doctoral thesis titled "Visual Narrative and Aesthetic Structure of Ottoman Period TV Series Broadcasted on Turkish Television Channels". Oturak (2013), directed by Aytaş, who has been involved in many short films and documentaries since his university years, won the Second Prize in the Professional Category of the International Safranbolu Film Festival, and the film Ninda: Anadolu'nun Bread (2012) was awarded the 8th International Film Festival. Snow Film Festival, Documentary Branch, Third Prize. Aytaş, who is still working as a lecturer in the Department of Radio-Television and Cinema of the Faculty of Communication at Selcuk University, published his book titled "Visual Historiography on Television" (2019) in 2019. He has also edited the books "Images in Purgatory: Identity, Belonging and Ontological Dilemmas in Cinema" (2019), "Experimental Cinema" (2020), "Children and Cinema".

Veysel Akşahin

After graduating from Erciyes University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio, Cinema and Television in 2012, he did his master's degree with the same thesis. She did her graduate work on narrative structure in documentary cinema. In addition, she has undertaken the cinematography and directing of many documentary films. He received awards from national and international competitions with his independent documentary film projects. Veysel Akşahin, who also has industry experience, worked for a long time as a cinematographer and director in advertising and promotion activities.
While continuing his studies in the fields of documentary and photography, he also carries out academic studies. In this context; Veysel Akşahin, who works as a lecturer in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Bitlis Eren University, has been giving training in the fields of cinema, television, advertising and photography at the relevant university for more than four years.

TUZLA (2010) (Documentary) – Cinematographer
GUZLUK (2010) (Documentary) – Assistant Director
TORUK (2011) (Documentary) – Cinematographer
YAMAN DEDE (2011) (Documentary) - Cinematographer
STILL (2012) (Documentary) – Director
TÜRKELİ (2016) (Documentary) - Director

Greenpine Jury

Nazif Tunc - Producer - Director

1964 - Tekirdag, Malkara
He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication.
'Adaptation of the National Struggle Novel to the Cinema' is the subject of the thesis.
He worked as a movie critic in newspapers for a while.
He has been directing movies and TV series since 1991.
He gave 'Film Production-Management' lectures at Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Cinema-Television Department.
He was a member of the Advisory Board and jury at the National Film Festivals.
He took part in the Cinema Support Boards of the Ministry of Culture.
He is a member of the Board of Directors and vice president of the Film Producers Professional Association (Fiyab).
He is the president of the International Cinema Association.
He founded Halk Film in 2006 with the principle of 'with the truth in the public'.
He continues to transfer current and historical scenarios to the cinema on subjects based on the historical development of the Turkish nation, its national culture, belief, wisdom tradition and the imagination of civilization.

Some Films of Nazif Tunç
Kurdoğlu (1992), The Orphans (1994), Pigeon (1999),
Game (2001), Hard Target (2001) Injured – Birindar (2002),
Fig Tree (2004), Hacı (2004), There is Death in Our Love (2004), Mihrali (2004)
Never Forget (2005), The Other Son (2005), The Vow (2005)
Thirst (2006), Mother's Milk (2006), Veysel Karani (2007), The Most Beautiful Dream (2007)
Infinite Mercy (2008), Rabia (2008),
Bilal-i Habeshi (2008), In Search of Dreams (2011), Esma (2011), Ebuzer El Gıfari-Lonely Hero (2011), Hijra (2012), Swords of the Prophet (2012), Birth of Hazrat Ömer (2012), Forehead Sweat (2012), Thin Heart (2012), Halal Milk (2013), Good Things (2013), Miser and Generous (2013), Rich and Poor (2014), Brotherhood Island (2015), Faith (2015), 30 Birds (2016), Ant (2019)

Isil Korkmaz

Işıl Korkmaz was born on 14.02.1976 in Istanbul. He graduated from Beyoğlu Academy Commercial English and Accounting, Beykent University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
Space Food Inc. and Karma International Inc. He worked in the accounting department of the company.
She started working at SESAM (Turkish Cinema Work Owners Professional Association) in 2007.
He worked as an assistant director in documentaries and feature films together with the producer and director Yılmaz Atadeniz.
Istanbul Archeology Museum Documentary
Bela Bartok Documentary
He worked as a director's assistant in the Patara Documentary, Avicenna Documentary, Muhsin Ertuğrul Documentary and the feature-length feature film İkimize Bir Dünya.
He is still working as the General Secretary of Sesam Turkey Cinema Work Owners Professional Association.

Mehmet Ersoz

He studied at Maçka Journalism High School and Istanbul University Radio TV Cinema Department. He started directing at Kanal E television during his high school years. During this period, he directed two documentary programs called Cinevision and Window of the World. In 2007, he prepared and directed a project called Meşhurlar Perdesi, in which the screen play was modernized with animation technique and adapted to television screens. He prepared and directed many projects in KANAL 6, TRT, TV8 and ATV. He wrote for many years in his column in Milliyet Newspaper, where he talked about the developments in world television and cinema. In 2015, he was the creator and director of Crazy Teyzeler, one of the most comprehensive projects of the period, broadcast on Star TV. In 2016-2017, he shot essays called "science travelers" and "Two strangers". . Again in these years, she prepared and directed a documentary-drama called "Hopeless Women's Stories" for TRT Documentary, where femicides, one of the main problems of our country, were committed.