Tebessüm / Narrative Feature / Sezgin Cengiz- Şiyar Gedik

Antakya 11th International Film Festival Greenpine Special Award

Director: Sezgin Cengiz & Şiyar Gedik
Writer: Sezgin Cengiz
Producer: Hasan Avcı, Sezgin Cengiz, Şiyar Gedik
Cinematographer: Şükrü Özçelik
Editor: Umut Sakallıoğlu
Music: Selçuk Yazman
Art Director: İsmail Doğan
Key Cast: Onur Buldu, Adem Tosun, Seda Türkmen, Özlem Gök, Emir Çubukçu, Güvenç Selekman

Sezgin Cengiz- Şiyar Gedik

Sezgin Cengiz-He was born in 1983, Kars. He graduated from Pera Fine Arts Theater-Acting department in 2005. He took part in many theater plays as an actor. He took leading roles and important roles in the feature films such as "Shell", "The City of Messy", "Knot", "Sycamore", "Blue Ring" and "Press". He directed short and feature films and theater plays. He wrote scripts as well. Şiyar Gedik -He graduated from Ankara University, Department of Journalism in 2008. In 2007, He shot his first short film, “Neutral (Bitaraf)”. He stepped into the industry as an editing assistant in Ankara. He started with the TV series “Bizim Evin Halleri” and continued as assistant director in many TV series and movies. He experienced his first feature film directing with the movie “Smile”.


Mustafa, known for his sullen nature, undergoes a radical change of image under the influence of his friend from work, Zeki. When he returns to his hometown with his blond hair and face cut to look like he's smiling and has to bury his father's leg, which was amputated due to an accident, in accordance with religious rites, he realizes that there is nothing to laugh about in his life.