Eflâtun / Narrative Feature / Cüneyt Karakuş

Antakya 11th International Film Festival Spectator özel ödülü

Director: Cüneyt Karakuş
Writer: Cüneyt Karakuş
Producer: Cüneyt Karakuş
Key Cast: İrem Helvacıoğlu, Kerem Bürsin, Nazan Diper, Melisa Akman, Erman Okay, Yıldız Kültür, Semiha Bezek, Haydar Köyel, Nagihan Gürkan, Rosa Çelik
Cast Direktörü : Selim Bahar

Cüneyt Karakuş

Cüneyt Karakuş was born in September 1980 in Ankara. He studied Radio Tv. and Cinema degree programme at Gazi University Faculty of Communication. After that, he studied photography as a second degree. With his fictional short film, called Suret (2013) he won several awards at the prestigious national and international short film festivals. He is granted with the film production support from the Directorate General of Cinema, Ministry of Culture and Tourism with his first feature movie -Eflatun.



Eflatun (30), a blind woman since she was five years old, has been able to get a hold in her life with the help of her father’s various shadow and sound plays. Eflatun takes up her father’s profession of clock repairing. She waits for a man who she’d fallen in love with his voice. One day a man whose voice is identical to the man she’s searching for, comes into the shop.