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About Festival

Inspired by Antakya’s history and mythological history of Daphne, Altindefne (Golden Daphne) Film Festival was first organised in 2015 between 20th-26th November by Fotofilm Art Centre and Antakya Culture Magazine leaded by Mehmet Oflazoglu.

Founded in 2015, Ansam Culture Association successfully continues to organise the festival with the experienced team of Fotofilm Culture Centre.Contributed by local municipalities and General Directorate of Cinema, Antakya film festival continues its journey with its enriched context ever year.

Antakya which is known as the crossroad of civilizations and city of diverse cultures, colours the first days of winter season with an appropriate selection in harmony with its historical beauties and soul.It respects the valuable names of the cinema community with lifelong success,honour and labour awards.

The festival which takes place with the leadership of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality is organised with contributions of Samandağ, Arsuz municipalities, Mustafa Kemal University and Antakya Trade Chamber. It reaches to bigger masses via national and local tv channels by being broadcast live.

20th – 26th November 2013 Antakya 1st Golden Daphne Film Festival

12 th - 18 th November 2014 Antakya 2nd International Golden Daphne Film Festival

11 th - 17 th December2015 Antakya 3rd International Golden Daphne Film Festival

23 rd – 29 th November 2016 Antakya 4th International Film Festival

06 th – 12 th December 2017 Antakya 5th International Film Festival

21 th – 27 th December 2018 Antakya 6th International Film festival

20 th – 26 th December 2019 Antakya 7th International Film festival

16 th – 22 th October 2020 Antakya 8th International Film festival

14 th – 20 th December 2021 Antakya 9th International Film festival

14 th – 20 th October 2022 Antakya 10th International Film festival

Started in 2013 the festival hosted Engin Ayça, Gülsen Tuncer, Semir Aslanyürek, Fatoş Güney, Halil Ergün, Melike Demirağ, Necip Sarıca, Abdurrahman Keskiner, Ertem Göreç and Eşref Kolçak by awarding them with the honour award.Mecit Yavuz has been the one to deserve the Orontes Special Award.In 2016 the honour awards were given to actors and actresses Şerif Sezer, Arzu Okay, Salih Güney and producer Arif Keskiner.The same evening labour award was given to a master and famous scenarist Agah Özgüç and Orontes Special Award was given to Author Osman Şahin from Mersin with his 23 short stories which have been adopted to cinema.

The valuable examples of Turkish and world cinema reach to the viewers in noble festivals such as Berlin, Cannes, Venedik, Karlovy Vary, Toronto, Rotterdam. “International film competition”, “Narrative Feature film competition”, National short film competition”, “Documentary film competition”, “Invited country Cinema”, “Comemoration dayof our master”, “From the pointview of masters” and “Open air film competition” take place among the conventional films.Beside film auditions film courses,workshops,exhibitions and panels colour the culture-art life.

Antakya Film Festival has been a festival that hosts both the films in our country and the professionals working in every area of the cinema branch.The festival reaches approximately 500.000 viewers every year.